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Your Spiritual Awakening & Transformation

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You can’t change

what you don’t understand.

Orson Scott Card

Don't be discouraged! You attracted the solution!

It is no coincidence that I met my Twin Flame back in 2005, who caused me my spiritual awakening, which helped me reconnected with my spiritual self and my ancient wisdom on how to heal and repair the soul. This ultimately helped me move out of my own darkness into shining my light and help hundreds of people along the way.


We are facing extremely challenging times in which people need support and guidance by those that have walked before them.


The “Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening & Transformation” E-Book will provide insight into your darkness, the big picture, and guidance into how to reconnect with your spiritual self as well as the steps you absolutely must take to move into your inner power and  light. 


Let’s face it, these are fast changing times. There is no time to let awakening and transformation take its natural course.  You don’t have years and lifetimes to mess around.  That time is up.


In the  biggest global energetic shift, we have finally arrived at cross roads, having to choose between a low vibration oppressive reality or a high vibration reality of spiritual freedom. 


It’s quite simple.  If you wish to remain in the low vibration 3rd dimensional reality, you don’t have to do much, except to comply with those who wish to control you.  If you wish to rise into the 5th dimension reality of high vibration and spiritual freedom, you will have to work for it.  


It is no coincidence that in my 15+ years of healing work I have come to understand vibration and how to change reality.


I am not only prepared to guide you to rise out of your darkness and low vibration existence into one of soul freedom, but I am prepared to train those who wish to make a significant difference in the world as Advanced Healers. 


The world needs you!  Those who need your assistance are waiting for you!  I need you!  Let’s do it together!  Let’s change enough vibration to create the necessary tipping point to change global reality.  

Regular $29

Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening & Transformation is for...

Souls Of The Dark Night

For those who’s world is falling apart, who may be stuck in a painful situation, sudden illness, or in emotional, mental or physical pain, or  a low vibration energy such as fear, anxiety, despair, extreme sadness, depression or anger. 


This PROGRAM will support you in finding your inner peace, strength and power.  It will guide you to find your true north compass and bring you back into the present, while bringing back the sunshine.

Sensitive Empaths

For those who have a difficult time being around people and large crowds, who feel too much to the point of being stuck in heavy energy, overwhelmed and anxious, who have a hard time trusting people.


This PROGRAM will support you in transmuting the heavy energy into lightness, feeling safe, and in finding your center.   It will help you to sense and discern in an objective way without being effected emotionally by the energy of others.

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Twin Flames

For those who have met their Twin Flame and find their world turned upside down, and who find themselves in intensive care with heart pain, who can’t seem to let go because of the intense magnetism.


This PROGRAM will support you in finding calm and overcoming the uncontrollable addictive draw to your Twin Flame, as well as the unnerving intensity.  It will help you grow from the relationship, and aid you in finding your most authentic self. 

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The Big Picture

So often we feel such loneliness in our desperate times not realizing that there is a big picture.  That in fact there is a reason for our suffering and enduring the most difficult times.  In this e-book you will discover the big picture, how you fit in, and the purpose behind what you are going through. 

Deeper Understanding of Yourself & Your Pain

You can’t change what you don’t understand.  In this e-book you will learn the inner workings of your soul and how you process pain, which is absolutely crucial in being able to move yourself out of your pain into your inner peace and power and connect with your authentic self.  

Ways To Reconnect With Your Spirit

As we live life and experience pain we disconnect from ourselves.  Today’s challenging times where we ar hard pressed to tell who to trust are calling for us to get re-connected.  Have you ever heard someone use the phrase “the power of the human spirit”?   Well, your power resides not in your brain or your intellect, nor in your physical strength, but in your Spirit.  Your Spirit is also your true north compass that will never lead you astray, that which you can always trust.  Therefore the most important thing you can do for yourself is connect with your Spirit and work in unity with your Higher Self. 

Tips On Recognizing The Difference Between Your Intuition & Your EGO

Are you living from your heart or your pain?  And how do you know?  Which part of you do you trust?  And how do you know which part of you is talking to you?  How many times have you kicked yourself because you trusted your logic over you intuition? …or your fear over your intuition?  …or is your fear your intuition?  There are concrete ways to distinguish one from the other, that are described in detail in this e-book.  This knowledge will help you in making the right decisions.

Overall Strategy and Clearly Defined Steps To Speed Up Your Awakening & Transformation

Have you ever wished for an instruction booklet to guide you in your journey?  Well, here it is.   Written by someone who has walked the path.  Upon reading this e-book, you will know what to do and what to do next.  You will no longer be in the dark.  However, it is up to you to get in the drivers seat and start driving.  This e-book is your overall map. 

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Why purchase the Accelerate Your Spiritual Awakening & Transformation E-Book?

You can’t solve a problem with the same thinking you created it with. 

Albert Einstein

The insight in this little e-book is invaluable.  I want you to get off to the right start in your journey of awakening and transformation.  I explain step by step how to start your process of awakening and how to effectively engage in your own transformation.  If you follow the steps outlined in this e-book, you will ultimately be able to…

It is my joy and passion to support the Awakening Divine Soul in the Ascension process by speeding up their Spiritual Awakening and Transformation through Arial Quantum Healing and training them to become an Advanced Healer to help others do the same.   You have a choice in how far you take this journey.  You can heal yourself, embrace your divine gifts, find your soul purpose, and then go on to help others heal.  But nothing will happen unless you take the first step.  And your step begins with a little e-book.  


You can do it!  Embark on this very exciting journey!  And I am here to help you every step of the way!


Much Love,



Regular $29


Dagmar Oktabcova


I’m an International Clairvoyant Spiritual Healer, Teacher, Author & Speaker.  I’m the creator of my own healing modality Arial Quantum Healing, which consists of Quantum, Akashic Field and Multi-Dimensional Healing, Past Life Regressions, Soul Repair, Soul Wisdom, Twin Flame Healing, Healing with Colors and Energies such as Unconditional Love.


I’ve been in the field of Healing for 15+ years and have helped countless number of people improve their lives. 


I’m also the founder of Advanced Healers Academy where I teach my ancient spiritual wisdom, the power of the divine feminine, Arial Quantum Healing and where I train Advanced Healers in vibration and skill set.  


I’m also a visionary.  I’ve lived all over the world and have a very broad perspective on life.  I understand the bigger picture.  I’m well versed in the Ascension Process and what it takes for us to rise into the higher vibrations and dimensions.  I understand how to change vibration to create a different reality.


It is  my privilege to be here experiencing the biggest global energetic shift with you and it is my soul purpose and passion to support you in your journey.  


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“Working with Dagmar expanded my awareness of how connected we are to all things. I am now much more inclined to solve problems from the inside out. I am still amazed at how things fell into place once I shifted my energy, not doing anything different. The world aligned with my new vibration. I am more at peace within myself and I don't fret the small stuff anymore. I feel so much better about myself and I can express myself more freely. I opened up to the best of who I am.”
Diane Erps
“I have been struggling with the effects of Lyme disease for over ten years. The longtime illness broke my spirit and made me lose confidence in my body’s ability to be strong and healthy. Since working with Dagmar for the past few months I have rapidly improved and have learned so many incredible lessons along the way! My amazing journey of transformation with Dagmar has also brought me much closer with my husband, my son and even other family members. I feel so much more connected to myself, my spirit, the source of my intuition. I now feel empowered to lead a more authentic and meaningful life. I have always felt like I had lived past lives, but nothing could have prepared me for actually observing and re-experiencing my past lives through my own subconscious. The lessons learned and the clarity gained through this process have been incredible. Prior to working with Dagmar I had done just about everything to treat not only the devastating symptoms of Lyme disease, but also the broken person I had become. Nothing has proven as valuable and effective to my healing, physically and emotionally, as the work I have done with Dagmar!
“The journey into healing is often times frustrating and discouraging because no matter how many forms of release you can find, getting to the root, the inception of the trauma, can prove most difficult and unclear. This has been my experience. I spent so many years trying to band aid my symptoms without even realizing I was doing so. I would think I had it locked on and then the Shadow would rear its head again. It was only when I had the chance meeting of Dagmar, and we opened a dialogue on inside “stuff”, that I realized there may be another, more in-depth, approach to clearly defining the issue and ridding me of it forever. I really liked her immediately as she has a very real, compassionate and intelligent nature, so I agreed to a session. That would be the first of many. Dagmar delivers what she promises, a clear definition of the issue through a thoughtful and greatly intuitive pathway and the ability to resolve and reconcile with yourself. It’s a huge gift. She makes sense of the Pandora’s Box of issues we accumulate and takes a direct approach to multi-layered healing. They say when the student is ready, the Master appears. I am just so happy I was ready for Dagmar! Life is Good!”
Patty Bradley
“During my first healing session with Dagmar, I could barely speak without crying. In fact, I had been sobbing uncontrollably in front of friends and neighbors and therapeutic counselors with no signs of recovery. My grief at being estranged from my only child and grandchild was overwhelming and I couldn’t imagine moving forward in my life. After my first healing session with Dagmar I knew there was hope for the future. I felt a peace that had eluded me for countless months. Six months later, after just four more sessions with Dagmar, the healing of my heart is nothing short of miraculous. Dagmar has literally led me on a path that saved my life. She has helped me heal both old and new spiritual and psychological wounds. After months of living with worry and panic and finding restful sleep almost impossible, I am now finding joy, purpose, peace and hope in my everyday life. Dagmar has a gift of healing that she shares with ease, generosity and humility. Without being religious, she is a ‘Godsend’ and I will be forever grateful that our paths have crossed.”

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